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Practical Ways to Wean-off Bottle-Feed!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

If your child is still on bottle feed and is older than 2 years, it is the right time to wean off the bottle feed. But what's the best way to do it depends on understanding the child's mood better.

One of the most common mistake a mom makes is putting them on a bottle feed during sleep time. such a practise should be discouraged by being firm while trying to wean of bottle feed. If you're ready the these below practical tips might help you wean off the bottle feeding eaily.

1.Take it slow: Weaning off a bottle should be a gradual process. It is up to the mother and kid to decide when to wean off from bottle feeds. Some kids themselves stop showing interest over bottle while some develop special attachment towards it. In the latter case it gets difficult to wean, as the longer your kid is on bottle feeds the more the attachment towards bottle and longer the process of weaning. If the mother decides to wean the kid from bottle, it requires lot of patience. Go slow and be sensitive to each other needs as bottle means comfort and security for kids.

2.Timing the transition: When your kid is 12 months old, he/she develops the co-ordination to hold a cup and drink from it. Also it is time to start cow's milk then. Even when you start weaning your kid at 6 months try feeding with a cup or spoon to avoid bottle. If you try introducing a cup or spoon later then it would be difficult to wean off bottle.

3. Skip feeding one by one: The first and the last feeding of the day are the ones your kid will be more attached too. Hence start replacing the in between feedings during the day with solids. Replace one feeding for a week and the next the following week. Replacing all together the feedings can be traumatic for your kid. Let bedtime feeding be the last in eliminating.

4.Eat at the table: Make your kid eat finger foods with the family during meal time. Encourage your kid when he/she eats. Initially it can be messy but be patient. Disguise adding milk in foods and offering bottle just because they aren't eating solids. This might turn out to be harmful to their health leading to nutrient deficiencies.

5. Dilute the milk in the bottle.

This age-old trick is still useful. When you have failed in other processes, this comes to your rescue. Keep diluting the milk to make them understand that this milk is thinner than the cup milk. Gradually and progressively, it will take them to understanding the importance of cup feeding.

6. Keep the sippy cups interesting- Introducing milk in sippy cups can get them hooked onto their favorite cartoon character, animals or colors. Choose one of these and they will want to drink from the cup only.

7.Keep the bottle away from site. Try to distract your child in fun activities. Do not let your child to carry the bottle around all the time even when they play. Offer a soft toy or favourite book instead of bottle. Do not allow your kid to sleep with the bottle.

Finally, don't forget to reward your child with their favorite song, rhyme or a gentle hug, if they finish off drinking milk in a cup. Try to involve their siblings or other toddlers as a motivational route to successful weaning off from the bottle feeds.

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