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Alternate Substitutes for Milk Allergies!

Things to consider before deciding which is the best alternative -

  • Financial capacity of choosing for fortifies milk

  • Nutritional requirement based on your child’s age

  • The diet of the child

1. Rice milk

  • derived from grains of rice

  • safest option

  • can be used while making other preparations as well

2. Coconut milk

  • acquired from grating and pulping coconuts

  • rich in calcium, magnesium, and manganese.

3. Almond milk

  • made by blending almonds and water.

  • It’s a plant-based source

  • Advantage, easier to make almond milk

4. Soy milk

  • soaked, ground, and then boiled. Filtered to obtain the milk.

  • easy availability

5. Lactose-free milk

  • easily obtained in the market

  • taste is a bit sweeter than original cow milk

Apart from all the substitutes that are available in the market before finalizing a product make sure that you consult a nutritionist or your doctor.

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