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Mindful Meals - The Psychology To Healthy Eating!

Mindfulness in termed as paying attention/ being aware in the present moment. Mindful eating is being aware of all the sensory information available in the present moment. And making a conscious choice to eat nutritious food and also paying attention/ acknowledging to the feeling of hunger & satisfaction.

  • It supports weight loss

  • Weight maintenance

  • Encourages to eat less

  • Stop eating when he/she is satisfied and not overeat

How can it be practiced

  • Prayer before meals for acknowledging the food before us

  • Let your kids participate in food preparation and preparation, as it will help them increase their investment in the meal.

  • Mindful eating happens in an environment there are no distractions, so switch off the TV or keep aside all your gadgets.

  • Make sure that your kids are savoring the food, chewing thoroughly, and swallowing slowly.

  • Children should resist the urge to put more food into their mouths even before swallowing. As it leads to overeating.

  • Turn this into a fun activity, to identify and discuss the food flavors and textures.


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