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Hungry after school! What to eat?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Does your child come in from school and search the kitchen for something to eat? If so, how you can make sure they enjoy a snack while still saving room for a healthy dinner? Some kids eat lunch by 12 noon and then have an afternoon of classes and maybe even an after-school activity before their next chance to eat.

Depending on a child's age and after-school routine, parents might not always be able to control what their kids eat in the late afternoon.

Following steps can guide kids to good after-school snacks that will be satisfying and still leave room for a nutritious dinner.

1. Adjust the timing: Put yourself in your kids' shoes and consider their eating schedules on a normal workday. Find out: When is lunchtime? Do they eat it completely? These questions will help you figure out how hungry your kids will be when they get home. Adjust the snack with your dinner timings. Think about your kids' schedules and plan accordingly.

2. Create a list of Healthy options: Come up with a list of healthy options together and be sure to include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. While a slice of cake or some potato chips shouldn't be forbidden foods, such low-nutrient snacks shouldn't be on the everyday after-school menu. Talk about which snacks your kids would like to have at snack time.

3. Make healthy snacks as easy choice: Make healthy snacks easily available by packing them in their backpacks or by having them visible and ready-to-eat at home. You can take the help of your little ones and make a healthy snack.

Some quick after school snack options are:

1. A fruit or fruit juice and space out for milk time.

2. Fruit smoothie or milkshakes

3. Bhel puri, puffed rice upma, chats

4. whole-grain crackers topped with cheese and pear, apple or banana slice or with a spread of peanut butter.

5. For those nights when dinner is hours away, you could offer a more substantial snack such as half a sandwich , parathas, dosa

6. Soups

7. corn salads or fruity pasta salads

8. baked foods

Check out the link for more snack ideas, to prep-plan your day and thus helping them to stay healthy!

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