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Tips on How to Manage A Child Who Is Overweight!

Here are some tips that one can incorporate for healthy living -

  1. Lead by example: your child is going to replicate your habits and the way you do things. That is why being a good role model is necessary, showcase them where you are practicing living a healthy lifestyle. Such as, eating a fair share of fruits, vegetables and also indulging in physical exercise.

  2. Be careful while using food as rewards: It is not advisable that you reward your child with high calorie or desserts with high-fat content. For example, don’t offer a cake in return for finishing vegetables.

  3. Don’t compel your child to finish their meals: Parents should maintain a balance between encouraging them to eat their vegetables and forcing them to finish their meals. Forcing means that you are teaching them to become less sensitive to feeling full and to overeat.

  4. Limit phone use: schedule some time to be device free and use this time to do physical activities or catch up on activities that contribute to bonding among family members.

  5. Regular exercises: try and come up with a schedule where physical activities are mandatory. This focuses that your kids move more often and are not just being couch potatoes.

  6. Reduce the intake of sugary drinks: sugar-laden drinks or soda should be avoided as it leads to tooth decay and adds more calories.

  7. Drink more water: it has 0 calories and they will keep them hydrated.

  8. Routine for meals & snacks: one should never skip their meals and having an established routine will help them eat healthier food and also in proper portions.

  9. Limit junk food: the solution to this is keeping healthy snacks around. And to make healthier choices. Such as picking up fruits instead of cookies etc.

  10. Promote healthy eating: all these above-mentioned steps contribute to healthy practices that your child can adapt and they carry them along with them for a lifetime. Healthy eating will include eating vegetables and fruits with every meal, avoiding processed foods, etc.

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