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Eating Myths in Toddlers Debunked

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

When it comes to food and eating healthy, you probably hear a lot of opinions and "facts" from your parents, friends, relatives, and teachers. This is partly because they are raised with different food information out there. Most common hearsay are listed below, which you might hear to be a fact but may turn out to be a myth and vice-versa.

Myth: Kids need to eat three square meals a day.

Fact: Although this might sound true for moms and lowers their stress, it is also important to understand that eating a small meals spread throughout the day, is also a healthy way to eat. Plan their eating pattern with a combination of carbs+ protein meal that meet their requirements.

Myth: If the child rejects a food, don’t bother serving it again. Fact: It is normal for children to reject a food when they are first exposed to it. Many toddler need to see, feel, taste, but not eat food many times before they finally try and like it. It takes at least 8-10 times to retry the same food before you give up completely!

Myth: A child will starve if they skip a meal. Fact: Children won’t starve; they just might get a bit cranky. They will bounce back to you or throw tantrum for they food they want or liked before. They meet their calories by grabbing munches between the main meals to keep them full. So, be smart by stocking up and offering healthy options only.

Myth: When a child eats more or less than usual, a parent needs to take control and either restrict food or strongly encourage the child to eat. Fact: Since children naturally go through alternating periods of slow, steady, and fast growth, their appetite and the amount of food they eat will vary. Emotions also play a key role in impacting their food habits and pattern. Be patient and get to embrace it!

Myth: Cereal is a good choice for a meal or snack.

Fact: There are many healthful cereal choices. However, some cereals have a lot of sugar and refined grains, so you want to be sure that is a good source of fiber. For ex: handful of whole wheat flakes or muesli with nuts and dry fruits is a better choice than honey loops.

Myth: Kids don’t like healthy foods.

Fact: Hungry kids eat what is closest and easiest to consume. They are not thinking about whether they are eating “healthy” food or not. Our job as parents is to take their cues, store and offer healthy from the cupboard and on the dinner table.

Myth: Every child should take a vitamin-mineral supplement.

Fact: If a child eats a wide variety of foods from all food groups like cereals, pulses, fruit, veggies, milk and its products, nuts over time they will get the nutrients they need. Don't rush into supplements unless a child shows signs and symptoms of deficiency or loss of appetite.

Now lets get into being real smart mums with our toddlers around!!

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