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Facts on Child Obesity!

Every aspect of the environment in which children are conceived, born, and raised can contribute to their risk of becoming overweight or obese(WHO,2019)

Choosing healthy foods for young children is crucial because food preferences are established in early life. Feeding infants high-fat, high-sugar/energy, and high-salt foods is a key contributor to childhood obesity.

Long term health impacts

  • High cholesterol

  • High blood pressure

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • May lead to poor self - esteem

Risk factors

  • Stressful emotions (boredom/anxiety)

  • Lack of physical exercise

  • Unhealthy diet

Prevention of obesity

  • Exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months

  • Plenty of fruits & vegetables with each meal

  • Build a positive relationship with healthy foods

  • Less of eating out (esp. fast food joints)

  • Regular sleep pattern

  • Less TV time

  • Less consumption of sugary beverages

  • Incorporate exciting and fun physical activities

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