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Deworm Your Kids To Enhance Nutrition Absorption!!

Updated: May 28, 2020

If your child is complaining of stomach ache often and not eating enough then its time to look for more signs related to intestinal worms.

The intestinal worms in children are quite common and can spread quickly through

dirt, sand, grass, and other open areas. Intestinal worms affect the child’s nutrition significantly, by not enabling to absorb the nutrients effectively, if not treated immediately. And in a long term it they can cause malnutrition and weight loss.

Symptoms in Kids

  • Your child may complain of a tummy ache

  • Constant coughing

  • Weight loss

  • Always feeling hungry or can go on hunger strikes

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Anemia is common if the child has hookworms

  • Itching in the anal region

  • Irritability and trouble in sleeping

  • Frequent urination or painful urination

The micro-nutrients that get affected to intestinal worms are Vitamin A, zinc, selenium and other B vitamins that play a critical role in development of children and building immune system.

Some home remedies are proven to be effective when followed periodically at home while relieving the above symptoms:

1. Neem leaf or Neem flower:

Neem leaf - Make a small ball out ground leaf and jaggery.

Roasted or sundried neem flower- Sautée the flower in a tsp of ghee and add to hot rice. Give them once in 3 months.

2. Garlic: Boil milk add garlic pods, give it on an empty stomach in the morning regularly. Sulfur in garlic can kill parasites.

3. Carom seeds: crush carom seeds and add to the jaggery.

4. Yellow pumpkin seeds: Give roasted and powdered pumpkin seeds with a spoonful of honey.

5. Turmeric: Known for an internal antiseptic. Provide a glass of warm water mixed with one spoon of turmeric once every day.

How often should I deworm my child?

If the above symptoms recur frequently, the treatment should be given twice a year, as recommended by the WHO. Check with your physician if the symptoms are severe for an appropriate deworming medication.and dosage. The sooner you do, the lesser you have to worry.

Did you know?

National Deworming Day is observed on 10th of February in India. The day was launched in the year 2015, by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India.

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