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Do's and Dont's at Work While Pregnant

Working while you are pregnant is a challenging task. To stay healthy and productive at work, you need great zeal of energy. Irony is you may actually feel the work rewarding during first trimester and the symptoms may ward off soon.

Surprising isn't it? But by following the tips, you can manage to have healthy pregnancy while you are working:

Avoid nausea triggers:

1. If you have to head to work in the morning, begin your day with crackers or any light biscuits like Marie light before you take any fluids.

2. Keep a water bottle always handy and at your desk. Drink sips of fluids that help to prevent nausea while you are work.

3. Snack healthy when you feel nauseated. Make sure the solid foods contain ginger, lime as flavors that help overcome nausea. There is a evidence of consuming ginger during pregnancy can help to beat nausea.

Lower your stress level:

1. Take control over your emotions. Do what you can do and try to delegate the work to your colleagues. Plan it up with your superiors to make sure you are not stressed out.

2. Let your emotions out. Open out to your close ones at work to reduce frustration, anxiety and tension.

3. Relax. Try to break when you can. Have fun at work place. Practice yoga and meditation. You can also play music while you are working that can help soothe mind and body.

Keep yourself comfortable:

1. Give yourself a nap. Nap between the works can make you feel refreshed and can keep you going. It helps to boost your energy level to cope with rest of the day’s work.

2. It your job requires sitting and standing for long hours, discuss with your boss about your health and try to switch to work that can ease you. Sitting and standing for long hours are not advisable. Stretch your legs and hands to avoid any muscle sprains.

3. Take a walk after work or in-between work with your co worker or your loved ones.

4. Reschedule your work. You may more feel tired in the morning and/or in the noon. Try to figure out the day when your energy is not sapped and use that time to complete it.

Many women choose to wait to announce to their superiors and colleagues until they're through the first trimester. This may greatly have an impact on physical and psychological health of mother and the baby. For some due to external factors, risk of miscarriage may also become possible.

So, it is wise to make your announcement right away which will allow you to have a discussion about changing your job responsibilities in a timely manner and to run a happy pregnancy while you are at work!

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