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Infant Choking – Know It!

Choking occurs when an infant swallows an object (toy or food) which can block the airway making breathing difficult. Rising to action immediately is the need of the hour as lack of oxygen supply to the brain for more than 5 minutes can cause brain damage.

Act when you observe your kid with the following:

  • Forceful coughing or gagging

  • Difficult breathing

  • Skin turning blue or bright red

  • Making odd noises or sound

If you are alone at home with your kid choking, then

  • Seek immediate help.

  • Start simple and basic rescue efforts.

  • Call the emergency number 102.

Don't wait until the ambulance arrives. Do the following if you have not attended a first aid course. Start the first aid for choking, if your kid is...

  • Unable to breath

  • Unable to cough or talk or looks blue

  • Unconscious

Do not start the first aid for choking, if your kid...

  • Can breath or cry or talk.

  • Can cough or move air.

  • Stops breathing for other reasons like asthma, infection, swelling or blow to the head.

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