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Patterns of Sleep During Infancy- stage-wise!

All babies have a different sleep pattern and it is known to change during their 1st year. The information listed below is just a general pattern to understand their sleep cycle.

Various stages & their sleep pattern : Birth - 3 months

  • sleep on and off through the day & night

  • 8 to 18 hours a day

  • sleep only in short stretches

  • sleep very lightly (most of their sleeping time in active sleep)

3- 6 months

  • baby might have 3 daytime naps of up to 2 hours each.

  • 14-15 hours of sleep in total a day

  • amount of active sleep starts to reduce

  • tend to wake up at least once during the night

6-12 months

  • babies sleep an average of about 13 hours in total a day

  • tend to sleep the longest period at night,

  • daytime naps reduced to about 2 naps

  • babies may start to worry about being away from their parents and may temporarily increase night wakings.

  • regular daytime and bedtime routines should be scheduled.

After 12 months

  • tend to sleep better and longer

  • take a nap once or twice during the day and sleep more at night

  • likely to be sleeping 8 to 12 hours a night


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