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Veggie Rava Bhakri


  1. Bansi Rawa- 1/2 cup

  2. Wheat flour- 1/4 cup

  3. Buttermilk- 1/3 cup

  4. Green chilli -1 no.

  5. Ginger- 1/2' (optional)

  6. Coconut gratings - 1 tsp

  7. Vegetables (beans, carrot, sweet corn, tomato, onion, cabbage) - 3/4cup

  8. Salt - 1/2 tsp

  9. Oil/ghee - 2 tbsp


1 Mince green chilli, ginger and grated coconut into a course paste.

2.Add the paste to rawa and wheat flour and mix.

3.You can grind the vegetables a little coarsely (if your child doesn't like bits of vegetables in the mouth) or chop them finely and add to the flour mixture.

4. Add buttermilk, salt and water to make the batter thick to spread on tawa with your hand.

5.Keep the batter aside for 15 minutes.

6. Heat a tawa, smear little oil or ghee and spread the batter. Close the lid for cooking quickly on a low flame (as the vegetables need to cook well).

7. Lift the bhakri to check if it has turned brown and then flip to cook the other side.

8. This bhakri can be served with butter, tomato saute, green chutney or tomato chutney.

Note: You can add any vegetables of your choice like bell peppers, methi leaves, palak, etc.. You can grate carrot and add.

Nutrition Highlights:

The vegetables adds on fiber in addition to that from wheat and rawa. So good for kids with constipation and is quite feiiling to sustain till the next meal. Also vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Rawa and wheat flour contain carbohydrates, energy and proteins.

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