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Travelling During Pregnancy

The myth surrounding travel during pregnancy have become more safe than ever thought. But you need to check with your gynecologist before you plan your modes of travel.

Usually, it is recommended to travel during second your second trimester between 14 to 27 weeks and is the baby moon period for the couples to have their best time. The symptoms related to pregnancy by then subsides and there is higher energy levels, with morning sickness gone and you feel great and comfortable.

But be assured that traveling to any destination can put you at a risk of catching various infections. Common amongst them is traveler’s diarrhea. keep the medicines handy in order to prevent dehydration which can deplete you off essential nutrients and electrolytes.

To choose your mode of travel during pregnancy, follow these simple guidelines to remain healthy during travel:

Land travel during pregnancy:

No matter, if you are travelling by car, train or bus, it is generally safe as long as there is no problem with your present health and previous history. Hire a car that has a recliner and good to prevent back pain during journey. Make sure your travel is not more than 6-7 hours as this mode of transportation may be tiring you with jerks.

  1. Buckle-up every time you ride in a car.

  2. Sit little away from dash board to avoid hitting your stomach, if there is any sudden break.

  3. Try to take small walks when you travel in a bus or train to prevent long sitting hours which otherwise may cause swelling in feet or may lead to back pain.

  4. Stash everything you will need during the journey in your bag like a morning sickness bag, music player, head phones, hand towel, wet and dry tissues, earplug, sunglasses, nuts, biscuits, dry fruits, juices etc.

Air travel during pregnancy:

This is probably the safest means of travel during pregnancy. Planes have oxygen pressurized cabins, so you need not worry about shortness of breath at higher altitudes.

  1. Check the airline's policy about air travel during pregnancy, since the guidelines for pregnant women might vary depending upon the destination. Some airlines may require certificate from your gynecologist if the travel is above 28th week of pregnancy.

  2. Choose your seat carefully; you can consider requesting for an aisle seat to get the comfort.

  3. Ensure to fasten the seat belt under your abdomen.

  4. If possible, take occasional walks up and down. If you must remain seated, stretch your hands and legs to prevent swelling.

  5. Keep yourself well hydrated as low humidity in the cabin may cause dehydration.

  6. If there is any diet restriction, some airlines give you the option to choose in advance.

  7. Eat small meals to avoid nausea or air sickness. Choose to have juice of lime, mint etc.

  8. Wear a stocking that might help to prevent any blood clot. Check with doctor immediately if there are varicose veins that can especially occur below the knee

Sea travel during pregnancy:

Sea sickness is major concern for most of them who has to travel by sea. It is better that you bring a doctor's letter that declares you as fit to travel in cruise and mentions your expected due date. If you have no options but to travel in sea, few things to keep in mind are:

Ensure that the cruise has on call doctor in case of any emergency.

Carry the medicines handy in case of motion sickness.

Go hygienic with foods, especially if you have Travelers’ Diarrhea problem. Avoid uncooked dairy products. Make sure the milk you drink is pasteurized. Do not eat any raw or uncooked foods outside.

If you are having or had any past history of complications like miscarriage, diabetes, blood pressure, premature delivery, it is essential to consult with your physician regarding your period of travel.

Get your doctor’s approval before you plan a foreign trip. Some countries even require visitors to get vaccinations before they arrive in that country.

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