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The mental health of new mothers!

Globally maternal mental health problems are considered a major public health challenge.

All women are prone to develop disorders during pregnancy and in the first year after delivery, but extreme stress, emergency and conflict situations or natural disasters generally increase risks for specific disorders.

Here are some of the tips that one can invest in :

Engage in positive self-talk:

Being a new mom is challenging and exhilarating. Positive self-talk is understanding and showing yourself compassion through language and communication. One can try writing positive messages on a post-it and stick them where it is clearly visible. Podcasts and books will also help to gain more insights. For eg, “I am a good mom or Me and my child are doing well.”

Invest in self-care:

Try and make time to do something that one finds relaxing and enjoyable. Some of the activities include trying out yoga or writing a journal. Treating yourself to a hot cup of coffee while your baby is sleeping can also do the tricks.

Be aware of the signs of a mental health issue:

The more you are aware of your signs better you can get support. If you think you are experiencing some of the symptoms of postpartum depression such as sleeping more or too little, feeling extremely sad. One should consult their doctor right away.

Stop comparing :

In this day and age, we are caught up in social media, you start comparing with other babies and moms. One of the biggest sources of anxiety is developmental milestones. One should remember that these milestones are rather broad and no two children will follow the same timeline. So stop comparing, be it about your baby or your own body, take a deep breath, and let it all go.

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