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Pregnancy Fatigue! How to Cope With it?

Tiredness during pregnancy is a very common sign especially during 1st trimester.

It's the time that the body makes important baby's life-support system. The hormone levels and metabolism rapidly change, blood sugar and blood pressure tend to dip, making you tired all the more. Sometimes it can lead to weakness, dizziness and anemia.

How to cope with your Tiredness?

Listen to your body – Go for naps whenever possible. While at work, go for 10-15 minutes of nap to stay afresh by just putting down your head to desk. If your office provides a cabin don’t hesitate to rest, it is good for you and the baby.

Practice relaxation technique - Stress can drain even your little of energy and make you feel tired. Try yoga, meditation that can help to release tension from your body.

Speak to your Gynecologist – If you are feeling fatigued the entire day, check if any supplements can help you fight tiredness. Studies has shown that few supplements like iron, folic acid and calcium is said to increase ones general well being and the risk group like pregnancy.

Go for small frequent meals – This indeed is effective if you have low blood sugar. Small frequency of meals helps in better absorption of nutrients and maintains healthy weight throughout pregnancy.

Eat right – Go for whole grains, pulses, milk and dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables which may help to prevent the cravings for junk foods and keeps a check on your weight. Studies have shown that sugary, junk and oily foods may make one tired.

Engage in hobby or sport - This is one way to release your stress levels. Check with your physician on the activities like walking, gym, swimming, and aerobics etc that suit your body. 30 minutes of activity a day can keep you energized. Listen to music that can make your mind and body calm.

Do not forget, hydration is a key to good health and is known to beat fatigue! Drink water throughout your day to help increase your energy levels and helps to cleanse the body and thereby promoting good immune system. But make sure you do not drink water 2 to 3 hours before bedtime, to reduce the urge to get up to urinate.

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