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Picky Eaters-Reasons for Picky Eating!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Every single mom complaints of picky eating! Have you thought why children fuss about their food? It’s common for children to feel hungry one day and be selective the next day due to their changes in appetite with growing age.

There are psychological, emotional and physical parameters connected to eating.

Can you believe the fussy eating may be due to these facts below:

  • They may want to become independent by feeding themselves. They may see how far they can push the limits and take control over their lives.

  • If your children refuse to eat the foods, it doesn’t mean they dislike it completely. This may also be that your kids would like to see some interesting reaction. Sounds strange to mums! isn't it?

  • Sometimes life for children seems too boring to spend time eating.

  • Children have the strong will power when it comes to decision making about food. This can be due to social, cognitive and emotional development.

  • Children – especially toddlers – have a strong need for rituals and for what’s familiar. If your child asks for noodles or biscuits etc, this might just be a way for them to get simple, easily identifiable foods to give a secured feeling.

So, this phase is absolutely normal. Toddlers are generally good at sensing their appetite and regulating their own food intake. If you respect their appetite and allow doing so, your toddler will consume enough to meet their needs.

But as parents, you can try to be flexible and firm, understanding their moods and emotions. Try to introduce and offer as much healthy foods as possible to limit the stages of fussy eating and to transform them into healthy eaters.

Read the next article on how to tackle your fussy eating children!

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