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How Much Water do Kids Need?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Water is an important part of body fluids and each cell depends on water to function normally. The daily amount of water that your child needs is variable and depends on various factors such as age, gender, weight and activity pattern.

Kids Total Daily Water Requirements:

However the plain water is good for health, the total fluids intake can be met from other forms of liquids. Total water includes all water from food, milk, fresh juices, smoothie, fruits and vegetables. It is essential time gauge their activity patte

rns to meet the water requirement, particularly if your child is into intense sports. Average water intake for a child per day is given as follows:

4-8 years - 1.3 litres/day

9-13 years - 2.1-2.4 litres/day

14-18 years -2.3-3.3 litres/day

Water benefits: Getting plenty of liquids daily helps to regulate a child's body temperature. It also helps to prevent constipation by keeping a check on right bowel movement, prevents urinary infection by flushing toxins and bacteria out of the urinary tract and enhances the body’s immunity.

For Infants: Infants stay hydrated by drinking their breast milk or for

mula milk, but children on a mixed diet, require plain water to supplement the water that they derive from food.

For Children: Toddlers and school goers are more likely to ignore their thirst when compared to adults. In fact, by the time your child realizes that he/she is thirsty; they probably have already become dehydrated. This happens especially during warm weather. Special care is required if your kid is involved in sports practice, games or work outs. It is important for your child to drink water before, after and during physical activity.

Fluids to include: Offer your kids tender coconut water, buttermilk during warm months and fresh juices and in cold months soups, warm milk keeps them well hydrated throughout the day. Provide fresh fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, melons, plums, peaches, tomatoes that are high water content. Sips of water throughout the day helps in re-hydrating your child's body. So, don't forget to give your kid a water bottle!

Fluids to exclude: It is important to cut back on caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, soda and fizzy drinks, as they can dehydrate the body faster. Prolonged dehydration can make your kid unwell.

At the same time, make sure you do not go overboard by offering your kids too much water as it can decrease the appetite of a growing child and result in poor nutrition.


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