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Home Remedies for Fever

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

When the temperature shoots 1 degree above, the fear for viral fever sets in. Now that your body will start working hard to fight off the viral infection.

Once this is contracted the immune system drops fairly quickly by not responding to any kind of medications, like bacterial ones, then you should be prepared that it is going to last for 5-7 usual days with a combination of home-remedies and medications like paracetamol and antibiotics around you.

below are the home-remedies that are practised for long years and has proven beneficial in children and adults:

1.Get Plenty of rest: Taking rest helps in healing which is essential for speedy recovery. It also conserves energy needed for healing. So, don't send your child to school or play home. Exercise and play time activities should be on temporary hold.

2.Plenty of fluids: Extremely high fever with inadequate fluid intake can lead to dehydration. Prevent dehydration by breastfeeding your infant and giving ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) to a children older 2 years in sips might help to rehydrate the electrolytes. Taking lots of fluids cools the body apart from hydrating.

Avoid beverages like coffee, tea as these act as diuretics which increase urination and further fluid loss. To check if your child is well hydrated, he/she must urinate light coloured urine once in 4 hours. Soups, broths, juices are allowed depending on the temperature and acceptability of food.

3.Avoid over dressing: Dressing your kid with too many layers of clothes prevents the body from cooling. So just put them on simple light colored clothing and if found shivering, wrap using a thin blanket or rug so that your child can lose heat easily.

4.Stay indoor: It is better to stay indoors in a cool place or in shade if outside. This helps prevent dehydration and tiring.

5.Cool the air: Use a fan in low speed to circulate air.

6.Warm water bath: A warm water bath cools the body and lowers the body temperature as water evaporates.

You can add few drops of Neem oil or Eucalyptus oil to lukewarm water and make your kid sit for 5-10 minutes. this is known to be a disinfectant that have the ability to kill the germs.

  • Placing a cool, damp washcloth on your child's forehead or a sponge bath cools the body.

  • Rub fresh onion juice to your child's navel region to reduce the temperature.Keep the onion pieces underneath or above the pillow that can act as disinfectant.

  • Tulsi tea made with 1 tsp tulsi powder to 1 cup hot water at bedtime to break fever.

A Viral fever is usually nothing to worry about. But if you notice some unusual signs or symptoms, then contact your pediatrician immediately. Also, get your pediatricians advice and begin the home remedies than getting it treated through medications as a primary step.

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