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Foods to avoid during your infant's 1st year of growth!

Here is a list of foods that you should avoid:-

  1. Honey - can lead to muscle weakness, poor sucking, a weak cry, constipation

  2. Cow’ Milk - doesn't provide all the proper nutrients for a growing infant

  3. Egg Whites - may cause allergies/allergic reactions

  4. Citrus - can cause an upset tummy

  5. Seafood - can cause allergies. Consult before giving you baby boneless fish

  6. Wheat - potential allergic reactions. One should before consult before giving wheat

  7. Large chunks of Food - to prevent choking. Breast milk exclusively for the first 6 months. Once your baby has started on solids, pea-sized food is recommended.

  8. Soft foods - such as jellies should not be given.

  9. Small hard foods - such as dried fruits, seeds, raisins, grapes, or popcorn. As all these food are choking hazards.

  10. Fruit juices - cause diarrhea, tooth decay, and other chronic tummy problems

  11. Chocolate - should be avoided as it contains caffeine along with high sugar content.

  12. Raw vegetables - as they are choking hazards and also contain high levels of nitrates.

  13. Sugar - can disrupt their appetite/ start resisting breastmilk.

  14. Fried food- as it contains saturated and trans fat and can prevent babies from eating healthy food.

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