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Foods- Common Myths Debunked!!

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

As concerned parents, we want to give kids the healthiest foods possible, but we are often confused by an overload of information.

In this environment it can be difficult to make confident choices feeding our families. Consequently, misled and influenced by fads, misinformation and our own anxiety, rather than facts.

Check out these myths associated with kids and healthy eating.

Myth: Fruit Juice is Healthier Fact: It is true that pure fruit juice is healthier than a soda, but to quench a thirst choosing water, buttermilk or unstained juices is a better choice. The high sugar content in juice can be detrimental to their teeth or lower the immune system by triggering cough if consumed excessively. A glass of fresh juice without sugar is recommended or a smoothie or milkshake goes a long way in benefiting health.

Myth: Dairy Products Worsen a Cold Fact: There is no scientific proof that consuming dairy products during a cold or flu worsen the symptoms. Dairy Produce like yogurt is known as a probiotic that helps to enhance gut microflora thereby boosting immune health.

Serving 2-3 cups of curds or paneer depending on the age factor help to strengthen immunity. Some people believe that dairy products thickens the nasal secretions or increases the production of mucus or both.

Myth: Limited Fat Intake Prevents Obesity Fact: Not all fats are bad. Mono unsaturated and saturated Fats play a key role in boosting immune health and in the development of brain cells in early stages of children. Eating processed foods and oily foods are known to have detrimental effect and lead to obesity in adolescent stages. A tsp of ghee daily with 2 meals and reduce in refined oils can build a great positive health and mind.

Myth: Sugar Causes Kids to be Hyper Active Fact: There are no studies confirming that sugar makes kids hyper active. The myth is likely to have its origin from parents noticing that children become more active after consuming chocolates or soda drinks.

Myth: Spinach has lots of iron.

Fact: Spinach has non-heme iron but is not easily absorbed by the body. Vitamin C rich foods helps in better absorption of iron.

Eat smart! Eat healthy!!


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