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Debunking Top 7 Myths During Pregnancy

Old wives tale is very common during pregnancy. Though we keep hearing them repeatedly, let’s debunk some of the big old myths here:

1. Myth: Eat for two

Fact: This is a familiar tag for all pregnant women. Eating for two doesn’t mean to double the amount of food you eat. This can lead to weight gain and other associated health problems. It means that you need to eat well balanced diet with extra 300kcal a day to nourish your growing fetus.

2. Myth: Pregnant women should avoid sea foods

Fact: Although women are told not to eat fish due to mercury levels and fears of food poisoning, women eating two servings of fish per week can be ideally healthy for mom and the baby. Omega 3 fatty acids in fish is said to enhance the development of the baby's brain and is good for vision.

3. Myth: Excess sugar intake Causes gestational Diabetes

Fact: If you do not have diabetes, sugar intake will not cause you to develop the diabetes. The main risk factors for gestational diabetes are a diet high in calories, being overweight and an inactive lifestyle. So, you need to watch your intake of both sugar and carbohydrate to prevent it.

4. Myth: Say no to caffeine completely

Fact: Do you love your morning cup of coffee or Tea? Go ahead to sip it. A 2010 Portugal Studies have shown that it is only when you exceed the recommended amount of consumption, is known to have adverse effects that may interfere with neurological development. It’s smart to reduce your intake of coffee and other caffeinated drinks and substitute with healthy alternatives like fresh juices, soups etc. Also high caffeine intake is known to dehydrate the body quickly.

5. Myth: Cut off papaya from your fruit list

Fact: Consuming raw papaya is known to cause miscarriage due to the presence of compound papain. Ripe papaya has shown good effect during pregnancy and vitamin A, which is anti oxidant, has its own benefits on mom and the baby.

6. Myth: Pregnant women only crave the foods their bodies need.

Fact: Pregnant women may crave foods of any type. Cravings are not the sole indicator of nutritional needs. If for example your body is craving for salty foods, it doesn’t mean that your body needs salt. It can only lead to hypertension and edema. So try to remove your emotional worries and eat a healthy diet.

7. Myth: Your baby won’t get enough nutrition if you have morning sickness

Fact: Don't worry if sight, smell or thought of food makes you sick. Weight gain in the first few months of pregnancy is minimal and some women even lose a little weight. Your baby can be safe and well nourished if you were healthy prior to getting pregnant. Do not forget your multivitamin supplements, if prescribed.

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