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Can You Get a Spa Treatment If You Are Pregnant?

Spa treatments are generally considered safe during the 2nd trimester, as the chance of miscarriage is rare. Amongst many spa treatments, massage as treatment is usually green lighted. Pregnant women can enjoy massages of leg and foot for aching lower extremities or receive neck and back massages.

Study has shown that spa treatment is most opted for Stress reduction, soothing sore joints and muscles, and simply feeling better about oneself.

After four months you should no longer enjoy these treatments while lying flat on your back. There may be chances for your blood pressure to drop when you lie flat on your back and may decrease blood flow to the baby.

Even though the above study was published, a lot more research is required on the spa treatments, effectiveness, maternal and fetal hyperthermia during sauna bath. Hence it is better and safe to refrain yourself from the below treatments when you are pregnant:

· Saunas

· Steam rooms

· Hot tubs

· Jacuzzis

· Aromatherapies

If you are planning an aromatherapy massage with essential oils, some oils can be potentially toxic during pregnancy. Make sure your aroma therapist is trained in treating mums-to-be, and tell her how many weeks pregnant you are.

Make sure you check with your gynecologist and inform the staff at the spa how many weeks pregnant you are when you book your treatment. Also, check that they are well experienced in looking after pregnant women.

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