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5 Signs of a Healthy Baby!

  • Baby calms at your touch & the sound of your voice.

When your child is reassured by your presence or your voice, that's his/her first step in bonding with you and a clear sign that he/she is evolving emotionally.

  • The baby is curious and attentive toward new sounds and listens.

As your baby grows he/she tends to observe and focus on things around them. This is a sign that your baby is growing in a healthy manner.

  • They cry a little less and sleeps on a regular basis.

This only proves that their nervous system is maturing

  • If your baby Is gaining sufficient height and weight.

As a matter of fact, if your baby is approximately 2x his birth by 5 months and 3x his birth weight by the time he is one year old, this means he/she is growing in a healthy manner.

  • If you are changing an approx of 6-8 diapers in a day.

This is a clear indication that your baby is not only feeding well but he/she is also properly-being hydrated.

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