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22 Tips to Help Your Kid Eat More Fruits and Vegetable

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a child's diet. We know that most children do not eat enough of these two food groups.

A healthy plate has half of the plate filled with fruits and vegetables. But sometimes getting your child to eat more fruits and vegetables can be challenging.

Here are the tips:

  1. Try leaving the peel on a fruit for more fiber. But wash the outer skin well before they could consume. Lets the kids do what they feel like- If to eat or reject.

  2. Let the kids help wash the fruits and vegetables. This might trigger the curiosity to eat self.

  3. Cut up some fruit and vegetable with a fat dip. Any healthy dip like yogurt, cream, hummus, cheese spreads can be of a choice to enjoy the snack.

  4. Share a story about a favorite green veggie or fruit.

  5. Decorate your plate with the colors of the rainbow.

  6. Kids are more likely to eat fruit that is already cut up. Have a bowl of fruits cut on table or in refrigerator to reach out quickly for their snack time.

  7. Try to arrange the fruit bowl so you have may different colors showing- make it a game.

  8. Make vegetables and fruits fun. Cut them in different shapes and let your child create faces before eating it.

  9. Show your kids varieties of melons and try a different one each week.

  10. Kids love to eat food on a stick. Have them help you prep a fruit kebab.

  11. Replace the shelves with fruits and nuts for their snack time. This helps them understand the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and their health.

  12. Let the kids help put the fruit or vegetable into the grocery cart.

  13. Teach them how fruits and vegetables gives us clues on how ripe they are.

  14. Add slices of lemon, melons or squeeze a little bit of fresh orange juice to add some flavor. This can be tried during summer.

  15. Take an outing to a local farmers’ market or field to teach kids about where their food comes from. See what fruits and vegetables are in season.

  16. Be patient and positive when encouraging children to eat their fruits and veggies. Even a small start is a success to exploring a variety.

  17. Offer fruits in other forms like juices/ yogurts, smoothie, milkshakes or desserts.

  18. Choose foods in their natural state like oranges instead of orange juice.

  19. Encourage your child to serve a small quantity of vegetables on their plate, even if they won’t eat it.

  20. Try new recipes along with kids, often kids will eat them when mixed with other foods or special sauces

  21. Introduce new foods, vegetables and fruits when they are hungry. This is more apt once they are back from play, sleep etc.

  22. Do not bribe or reward with other foods, once they finish the fruits and vegetables. A contest might give children the fun of exploring the rainbow of fruits and vegetables.


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