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Your Baby's First 75 Weaning Recipes

It is a comprehensive Indian weaning guide for new mums who are looking out for an authentic information on first set of weaning recipes and diet charts at every stages of an infant life to meet their nutrient needs.


Parents can also seek information about tips and tricks of weaning, do’s and don’t practices during weaning, travel and immune boosting foods, finger foods and spices and condiments to introduce before 1 year of age.


Being a registered dietician and mom of 2 children, the whole book is a package of science and experiences gathered over a period of time and is now willfully passed on to mothers. With this recipe book, I aim to reach out to all the mothers to feed their babies and make life easier! Apart from just the recipes, this book also contains diet charts from 6th month to help curious and anxious mothers know when and what to feed, to achieve a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from both gastronomical and nutritional aspects of the baby’s life.

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