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I'm Priyamvadha Chandramouli, Registered Dietitian and a Nutritionist mom. This platform guides every new mum, struggling with their nutrition journey of making fussy ones eat their veggies or drink milk. Here, you can walk through for age appropriate baby foods and kids-friendly recipes.


​In addition to child nutrition services, I’m going the extra mile in assisting your pregnancy journey through a healthy diet plans that every mother-to-be's diet should include to provide important nutrients a baby needs for growth and development and a post-natal diet plan that is cornerstone to maintaining healthy weight. 


​Let us together embark this pleasant journey by decoding the nutrition needs through healthy, easy, and super fun recipes. Simplify the child nutrition concepts and pregnancy diet plans through your nutrition expert! 

Presently, authored a book on weaning guide, developing homemade baby foods! For you and your kids, I'm happy blogging here.

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6-7 Months

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Baby Food Chart


Home Remedies &Immune boosters


8-9 Months



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10-12 Months

Happy Kids

Nutrition for 3+


Weight management

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